Thursday, August 20, 2009

a new beggining

A day will come when the indian media and its bag of tricks will stand naked before us..its shrewd understanding of the indian psyche and its subtle manipulation to create a reckless and self-destructive society.. a day when we will realise our monumental errors in electing and selecting pseudo-secularists at the helm..of letting Italian women and evangelists dictate our national policies .. of systemitically denigrating and demonising people who love our country and stand to do somehing for it..
i see it everywhere..screaming out of our popular dailies..breaking news in bright-blood -red out of our news editorial columns of our intelleuals..everyday hacking and digging away at our edifices of nationalism and culture...whether it is a thousand replays of aVarun Gandhi speech video..or a deliberate judicial effort to rake up the post Godhra riots and vilify Modi..and the story goes on..and on..
for a start ..i wish each one of responsible citizens read the other side of the story fed to us by the Indian media..and then understand its serious and threatening the consequences can be if we let things run as they are..lets take it issue by issue..person by person that when we look back ..we can be proud of having played a role in restoring our dharma,our culture and our nation , its pride and heritage...

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