Monday, August 24, 2009

elections:regret stories

Its interesting how the elections turned out this year..BJP lost and was immidiately bashed and scrutinised by all sections of the Media..they ended up with an univocal answer..the days of ideology and propaganda are over and that only Governance and Development works...
Yet lets take a look as to how the BJP govt. is functioning wherever it is in power as compared to the Congress.
The Congress claims to have strong economic policy makers ..however even a layman will tell you that that the country has taken a rapid backslide economically post 20004. there is no fiscal restraint..the inflation just keeps going up..funding for infrastructure projects market reforms except civil aviation..increased off-budget expenditure through populist measures!!! every reversal has been attributed to the Global meltdown. Yet in the same economic environment ,save Rajasthan..all the BJP ruled states have scrpted success stories..
i live in Karnataka, and despite the utmost attempt by the English Media to vilify the govt., Yedyurappa has done a fine job forcing acknowledgement from friends and detractors alike.
Gujarat is a model state for our country..whatever our pseudo-intellectia needs to visit that state to fell its prosperity and governance...Modi's devotion to work shows and their faith in him is palpable ..
Chattisgarh is the only state where the Naxals are being resisted by the Salwa Judum program..of course our intellectuals are again hoarse over it[pity they always seem to reserve all their sympathy towards anti-nationals]
i wish all of us take an initiaitive to read beyond what the media throws at us..and realise who's working for our country and who's not..its not really a question of BJP vrs Congrerss..its just that i feel at this point of time the leadership of our Central Govt. does not have the focus and commitment to do good for India...

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