Friday, September 4, 2009

Ashram Satsang on Sundays

I dont know why I make this tiring journry from the small little town of Davangere where i study ,, all the way to the banglore Ashram...every time i take the overnight train which drops me to the bangalore city station early morning and then another two bus changes before i reach the Ashram..and then its another hard day at Seva or sometimes back to the city for odd jos till Satsang at 4.30 evening..

the sun scorches down on the amphitheatre ..we sing one bhajan after another..but all the time the heart is waiting for Guruji..and then there is that one glimpse..amidst a throng of people He emerges..radiant..blissfull..
chaos reigns as people rush to come close to Him..for some time i can see nothing but people's heads and the dazzle of the sun behind..but soon things settles down..the Master takes his seat and then there is the magic moment..when He gives me that look..
and i suddenly know why i made this journey all the way..just for the look..for that second which stretches to eternity..and I know that my Father loves me like none else and will take me home..