Saturday, August 22, 2009

lord of the rings

Possibly, one of the most fascinating books i have come across, [one that really leaves you spell bound]. In fact i made an error by watching the movie before reading the book..the movie is really well taken[unlike the harry potter ones], and come quite close to doing justice to the book..which however..cant be described in words...
Tolkein's description of Middle earth is a beautiful , lucid work of epic fantasy. Portrayals of the rustic simplicity and peace of the Shire ,pristine Elven lands and the darkness and horror of Mordor make for joyful reading.
what was however even more endearing was the concept of the Rings of Power and the Master Ring. The plot brings out in a wonderful manner ,how that the abstract and the unseen governs the gross and the material through its portrayal that the Ring has a will of its own and will return to no one, but its Master.
good and evil has been depicted in a very sensible and delicate manner, something that Western authors are not very good at. Gandalf's words to Frodo strike a chord " in the begginning nothing is Evil ; neither was Sauron"
The wisdom,rather than the power of Gandalf guides all else throughout the quest..[something akin Dumbledore in Harry Potter..and thats not the end of a curiously long list of similarities between the two]..Sauron is projected as much more powerful and overwhelming than any force of Good..yet Gandalf keeps his words "Evil cannot be defeated by terms of strength ,our Enemy is much capable than us. But it cannot believe that anyone would seek to destrow the Ring and not posess it . For evil knows only posession and therein lies our strength."
one can go on and on..there are so many facets to this work that is delightful..the dual nature of Smeagol and Gollum, the sacrifice of the Elves and Sam's devotion to Frodo..etc..etc
in its vividity of descriptions as well as theme and concept, the book wraps the reader within itsef and what might begin as a casual glance throught the ages , soon turns into a wholesome involvement in a fascinating journey through Middle Earth for the reader

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