Monday, August 24, 2009

Hindutva and Semitism

Interesting article on Indian Express [Sun Aug 23] by S. Gurumurthy.."Why Lisa Miller should look at Vivekananda!"
The author mentions that Americans are increasingly beggining to think and believe like the Hindu mind..which in unique in the sense that they are the only religion that accepts the truth and exhistence of all paths to opposed to the Wetern neo-religions whose foundations lie in their faith that their's is the only true path and no other to God realization"..
He further quotes Lisa miller and mentions how other facets of the Hindu faith are gaining acceptance by the Western rebirth and distinction as well as choice of spirituality over religion..something which marginalizes the Church.
He lays emphasis and that was really significant ..that this notion of being the only path is the seed of fundamentalism..this gives birth to Semitism in its negative sense...when the Christian mind gets Hinduised will synthesis and consequentially peace evolve..
Gurumurthy also addreses the criticism of the evolution of Hindutva in the 90s as a form of Semitism within the Hindu religion.
In my opinion the rise of Hindutva is more of a reactionary nationalism in the face of an increasing threat to our religion and culture from policy-makes, media and of course Western influences.An organised method to demean and destroy our cultural pride and heritage has provoked people..rather awakened develop this sense of oneness and cannot be confused with Semitism..which inherently looks down on the other faith.


  1. please do talk about shiva sena and the role or rather the negative role that it is playing in shaping hindu identity.. again there are dalits who seem to choose to cut themselves from the hindu fold and BJP being the hindu party has not effectively handled the issue..

    p.s. i would love to hear some Guru stories:)

  2. cud u please link u r sisters blog?