Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bihar elections-new begginings???

The bihar election results are a continuation of a very encouraging trend..the choice of a progressive result oriented governance over caste-identities as well as dynastic monarchic extravagance might signal an intelligence shift of perception of the indian voter..
A subtle viel of pseudo-enterprisement has been created aided by the Western media about the Rahul Gandhi brand of nationalism ..morals and political sensitivities have been deliberately mis-interpreted as staying overnight in Dalit's homes and claiming ownership over the money which has gone for the development of decades-neglected Bihar..Age old tactics of a silent ever-shilded monarchial leader whose ladyship has sacrificed her life for the country and a cacophony of wily Congressmen protecting the Madam's aura is reminiscent of the Nehruvian-Indira neo-political socialism which,under the viel of a central social just governance has managed to ruthlessly keep india's millions starving and uneducated..
People like Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar are anti-dotes to that..the new mantra is empowerment ,not aids and grants..we need more of them and more of this intelligenct voting to keep this scourge of dynastic poitics at bay..
May this election results herald a second wave of nationalism and progressive political developments in our this scam and sham-riddled India,its only mature political choices that can overthrow powers that have begun to rot under the heavy burden of years of rule..

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