Thursday, April 19, 2012

Terrorism and Minorities:reality check

Akhilesh Yadav demands that Muslims accused in various terrorist attacks across the country be reviewed and let off: isnt it time we get up and tell these politicians that there's a limit to vote-bamk politics and selling this nation in the name of secularism..We need to get a reality check on this..Hindu terror is a hugely exaggerated term..any historical data will show u that more than 90% of terorism is perpetuated by a particular community..its thereby only natural that they face more ...backlash..our humanist 'terrorism has no colors" smacks of an emotion driven -communist skew in which we stop considring that the 1000s killed or families destroyed in innumerable terror attacks across the country are not humans..we have compassion for every terror suspect..we create movies of them and cry at movie halls as innocent victimised heroes proclaimin My name is Kh..,etc..but the blood that continues to flow ..well..that is majority community..blood that doesnt translate into who cares.. ‎
On another note we shoud also be careful about this Minority-neglected plank ..a prattle often raised to shower sops of them and shun the deserving...the 13% of the population has been given as much opp to grow with the rest as the other 87%..if choices r made to study at madrasas and not at Mordern institutions..If choices are made to shun economic liberalization in favour of hard core ideology..if Do s and Dons govern actions rather than free thought..the 13% cannot be compensated by quotas and Pilgrim subsidies..the 13% need to und that this very act of quota-politics does them a big keeps them where they are..freeing terror suspects from jails isnt the best way to help 13% progress..

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