Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Media and the CWG

The recent uproar over corruption issues and organizational failures of the Commonwealth Games, Delhi brings out the self-denigrating mindset of Indians who seem to take a certain pride in looking down on themselves in a social arena.It is true that there has been financial irregularities[as there always has been here] as well as poor planning execution at the very highest level.It also cannot be denied that we needed more proffesionalism and stringence in conduction the preparations for such a mega event.
But the shrieking of the media [both print and visual] and its screaming headlines and breaking news over the matter raises several questions..
Firstly, the CWG is an issue of national pride.whether we belong to the govt. or the planning commitees , the public or the media,,we are Indians it not our responsibility to ensure that out image is not tarnished in the eyes of the world or is it so important to keep throwing shoes at each others while the world makes a mockery of us.
Secondly, keepng in mind the magnitude of the event ..would it not have been more prudent to postpone the blame game and brickbat throwing after the Games..that would have ensured more efficinet functioning and less hassles to the curent team working over time to get the house in order..
Thirdly has the media fulfilled its role in projecting the heriocs of our particiapants who have braved so many odds of lack of infrastructural support to reach world standards..have they; while shouting hoarse over doping issues taken even one step to salute those who represent our country and have positively excelled in recent international events like never before in history .our standards in badminton,snooker,atheletics,tennis and swimming are at an unprecedented longer do we come back lagging at the bottom of medal charts in most global stages..
Fourthly..why precisely do we posess this self blame culture.In the US you will never find this mindless media-shrieking at their own faults..instead there will be a upright pride in all sectors of the society as a common consciousness for an event with a little space for constructive criticism.
I think its time we imbibbe the spirit of nationalism in our country..shedding this mindset which is the legacy of the British..thats how they left us..thats how they wanted us to be..wake up guys..lets say cheers to a successful CWG and give our country a chance..

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