Friday, August 27, 2010

UPA government:a story of mass hoax

Never before have we witnessed such a collective apathy and skewed vision of the political circus that is going on ever since the UPA government came to power in 2004.A less-than-careful analysis of the election planks;the basis of which the current government was elected would reveal an abmysal failure in almost all respects to such an extent that it has today pushed our nation to the brink of an economic and security crisis.
A rabble of hoax by a dreadfully biased media which is hell bent on keeping the right wing forces out of power, has managed to keep the public blindfolded in its judgements and knowledge.whetherit be the spiralling food prices and inflation;a total failure to handle the internal security situation,a pathetic indescisivemeness in relation to our policies towards the Maoists menace,a ridiculous handling of our external affairs policies and an unrecendented rot in corruption in the govt. machinery,an expression of which has echoed in the CW games-the UPA govt, has been performing at a level which can at best be judged as alarmingly inefficient.
Comparitively when we evaluate the performance of the previous NDA govt viv a vis this one..its a ceaseless wonder how the people of our country cannot see such a glaring difference .
I personally feel this inability of judgement of the collective billion is a scar on the very process of democracy we champion..i feel its time we take a fresh look at our democratic system which can be tweeked and twisted in any manner by castiest and secularistic agendas to blindfold our people to the failings of our present leaders..


  1. and how one earth are we spread this message? I studied in a college for 2 yrs where anything of right wing was considered almost criminal...

  2. through education by personal interaction and mass communication blogging,talk about it in casual discussions and chat..write letters to editors..for that we need to be well informed of facts and arguments..right wing politics will come back ..just u fact all this negative bias of the media is good..over time it should create public backlash