Friday, July 16, 2010

the anti cow slaughter bill

the BJP led Govt. of karnataka passed the much debated anti-cow slaughter bill, amidst the hullaboo and ruckus of the opposition as the House was already embroidled with the raging iron mining controversery.the media has lost no oppurtunity in continuing its pseudo-secularistic propaganda[which increasingly seems to be a second voice of the central government]..
The articles and views written in opposition of the Bill ranged from the quirky to the ridiculous.arguments ranging from the impending doom of all those associated with the beef industry to the plight of animals at the Bannerghatta national park who needs a specialized diet of beef only and of course the secularism-coated concept of a conspiracy to change the diet patterns of the minority...
i wish the media was more responsible in voicing its overt concerns about the bill..they could have at least considered a debate or a counter view point..which should ideally be the case for any controversial issue..instead they choose to raise the issue in blatantly biased light.

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