Friday, November 27, 2009

Cow Slaughter amd its Ecologic implications

The importance of the total ban of cow slaughter stretches far beyond its ethno-religious significance..
The world today stands on the ledge of an ecologic disaster..our increasingly consumerist lifestyle and unrestrained materialism has put unprecedented pressure on natural resources..the most glaring example of the same is the disastrous impact of the American beef industry on the tropical rainforests directly and consequentially on global warming and economic collapse.
It is incredible to note that about 40 years of relentless pursuit of consumerism has brought the US to a state wherein more than 90 % of their farmlands produce food for livestock instead of humans.yet it meets far less than the demands of the beef industry..which then goes hunting down third world countries like Brazil,Ecuador,Bolivia,Columbia,Peru,etc..all of which have two things in common..a starving debt - ridden economy and a treasurehouse of the worlds densest tropical rainforests.. you read this article..hundreds of hectares of this precious rainforests are being devastated by hash-and-burn clearing to make way for grazelands for the beef industry..within a few years of which it would be a denuded wasteland..
These developments hold a powerful lesson for us..the sacresance of the cow in India serves much more than providing religios succour to Her 84 crore provides the much needed ecological sustenance..dramatically reduces our carbon footprint..and in fact...form the foundation pillars for the resurgence of the Indian economy ...
Our policy makes need to understand beyond statistics and GDP..beyond development and growth..beyond capitalism and percieve the fact that our ancient rishis did not hold the cow sacred for no reason..

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