Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hinduism and the mordern intellectual

I have often wondered as to why the mordern society has so much disillusionment with the Hindu religion..and why are we;as a people;are so very apathetic to both,its concerns and oppurtunities.
It probably has to do with the abstractness of the religion;its refusal to bring orderliness;heirarchy and cannonization which suffocate the intrinsic freedom that the disciple needs to reach the intangible Supreme.Despite its periodic decay in the form of casteism,ritualism and dogmas; Hinduism has been the most honest religion to its has presented the Lord as the abstract, the many faceted and the compliment of good and has refused to classify creation into Satan and God,to create a hierarchy of preisthood, an orderliness of organized sainthood and certificates of miracles...instead it has shown the saint within the human;evil as a play of the Lord and miracles as a natural manifestation of the Purusha.
The mordern intellectual ;in his effort to classify the subtle, to satisfy the intellect and give a gross form to spirituality [e.g. ten commandments,holy book,one saint,one pilgrimage,etc]has ofen found a stoic silence from Hinduism . He has then created its own form [Godmen;who are all fake,rituals that lack meaning,some festivals that lack spiritual gravity but have a lot of peripheras,etc ,etc]
if only they kept this intellect aside and made an effort with an open mind, to recieve what a spiritual Master has to offer [for me all this intellectual gymnastics ended with the part 1 and 2 course of the Art Of Living]..they would realize and only gasp at the good fortune to be born in the land of India and as a Hindu...


  1. This post reminds me of Sabyasachi (Pather Dabi) someone standing tall and gallantly fighting for the betterment of the society, leading a nation towards its freedom and in the process breaking the myths and stigma attached therein. Have u read it? u resemble him to a great extent...
    I posted your earlier article at
    I am glad to know your feelings through your articles here. followed another blog
    which eventually landed me at your space. u can check that one out; its slightly unorthodox but that's what makes people unique, isn't it? i am mentioning this because she also wrote about Art of Living and how it changed her, just like u mentioned in your post as well. i don't know much about AOL and that is because i was not able to find a detailed article about it anywhere other than bits a pieces here and there. Oh! there is another blog which I think u may like. its written by Bawa and Dinesh (i think they r the founders of some sort of a course related to AOL- r u talking about those courses in your last article?) its called Sounds Interesting. and indeed it is. u can find it here:-
    what i am asking u is if u can pls write an article about AOL and what it is actually about and how it changes people in your style.
    Anyways, great article.
    P.S. Do u read Swastika or Mayer Dak?

  2. no sourav..i have not heard of either Swastika or mayer Dak..u can tell me more about it..
    ragarding the blog of bidisha..yes i do go through it..not only because its a great one to read..but also coz she happens to be my elder sister..:-)
    i think they r the founders of some sort of a course related to AOL- r u talking about those courses in your last article? ..yes..i am talking about those courses..
    i will definitey write on AOL in the near future..but i would strongly recommend you to do both its part 1 and part 2 courses..its an experience that enriches life beyond the realms of words..i mean we can talk about it..but after all.. eating gulab jamun and talking about it not one and the same thing na..
    thanks so much for your reviews..people like you really make blogging so much more meaningful..

  3. p.s. you need more followers.. you really do... there is somehow anti christian vibe coming along..or its just my mind playing tricks on me